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MENS Pea Coat

Pea Coats for Men: Classic * Contemporary * Streetwear
Sep 11 '14

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Sep 10 '14

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Dec 5 '13

Mens pea coats, even today continuouslies be a timeless clothing in guys wardrobe for autumn and wintertime wearing. Initially used by european sea guys and merchants, they were commonly manufucatured from sturdy wool material to keep the seafarers heat on their sea travel trips.

The conventional pea coats for men is short to hip length, made from heavy wool material, and classic navy blue in shade modeled to keep the physical body cozy. Modified with broad lapels, and huge buttons in the front, the pea coats for men come in solitary and classic dual breasted construction.

Todays Mens pea coat come in basic colours including the conventional naval force blue, black, gray, and brownish, and made from wool product, varying in 20 to 30 ounces. The timeless lines and structure of the pea layer continues also todays trends and remains a preferred selection for a flexible and stylish overcoat for men.

An alternative to peacoats are North Face Jackets.